Friday, February 17, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (7/31/13)

Mmm... Having a cold really is a bummer... Makes you feel tired...
Anyways, almost done with Mario and Luigi, I believe...
Anyways again, but a surprisingly eventful week?

Quite a number of new games this week!
-To my biggest surprise is the result of Ace Attorney 5! Despite what seems to have been a not-so-liked AA4, Ace Attorney 5 not only topped the list, but managed to beat that AA4's first week.
You'd think after a "bad" game, the sales would drop.

Media Create  250,216
Famitsu      241,878

Media Create     250,186
Famitsu      240,275

On top of that, I believe AA5 has a DL version, right?
Given 10%, that would mean (using Media Create) 250215 * 1.1 =  275236, which definitely is a lead over AA4.

-The hyped Dragon's Crown also released. To be honest, despite the web hype, the result was actually below my expectations. Even totaling PS3 and PSV, it didn't pass AA5.
I remember seeing the PV for this game a whole long time ago, yet it is only being released now. I didn't keep up with the info, so I'm not sure if anything happened there.
However it still managed to get 2nd and 3rd.

-I don't really know what to compare to, so I can't really say anything about Majo and Hyaku Kishi or Lego City. Fantasy Life is just an upgraded version?

-Speaking of Mario and Luigi 4, but the second week is pretty good, I believe, staying around 40%+ of the first week

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