Thursday, February 9, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (5/29/13)

When I get the chance to take pictures, I'll try to post my current Megami Tensei party.
Also, when I complete the game, I might try making some program that tells you the results of fusions or how to get certain skills on certain demons or something like that. Still in the brainstorming process.

Anyways, finally a new big game released!
And finally something to actually talk about!

-And of course, the game is Megami Tensei IV!
The result was 188,562, not counting digital sales.
PS2's Megami Tensei III's first week was 151,203
DS's Megami Tensei Strange Journey was 90,830.
So you can say it did a pretty good job, eh? Beating its predecessors.

And for comparison, because people have been doing so around the web,
PS2's Persona4's first week was 211,967
Vita's Person4 Golden's first week was152,499.

-On the other side, Valhalla Knights 3 also apparently has better first week sales than its predecessors.
Including digital, it did 65,000
Valhalla Knights 1 did 14,089
VK 2 did 34,562
VK 2 Battle Stance did 13,588

-Tamagocchi was once really popular, it seems. I recall playing it a long, long time ago.
As you can see now... 3,961
The owners of Tamagocchi just never could maintain the popularity, unlike, say, Pokemon

-And finally, some new Biohazard/Resident Evil game labeled Unveiled Version
To be honest, I have not payed any attention to this, so I don't know what makes it the "Unveiled Version"
Remake? New game?
Anyways, as anyone would expect, PS3's version dominates over the WiiU (few games, new system) and XBOX360 (just doesn't sell in Japan)

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