Monday, February 13, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (7/3/13)

Plenty of new games this week, which means some comparisons.
Without a doubt, the highlight of this week for me is the release of the new Etrian Odyssey game!

Lots of new games on the top 20 list, and for once, a lot of Playstation games on the list.
-Quite a number of new games for the PS3 pulls it back to 5 digits
-The Vita reaches 30,000+ thanks to Toukiden
-The 3DS returns to 50,000+ thanks to Etrian Odyssey

And that's the main hardware news.
-Gundam Breaker takes the lead. I don't have any numbers for past games, so I can't tell if this 200,000 is good or not.
-Following up is the well-hyped? Toukiden. Hmm... It's difficult to say.
As a Vita game, I think it did well. As a Monster Hunter substitute, not so well.
But a good news? is that the Vita version sold more than the PSP. Like I said before, if Sony wants the Vita to succeed, they need to transit to the Vita, instead of pulling the PSP along with Vita.

If I recall correctly, Soul Sacrifice had similar numbers.

-Altrie(sp?) delivers 57,550.
Meruru was 100,722
Totori was 72,836
Asha was 75,874
So it can be said that this game of the series didn't sell very well. I don't really know that much about this series, but there is a part of me that feels the games are coming out too fast.

-And the finally, Etrian Odyssey! Remake + new story!
The result was 88,278
EQ1 was 32,511
EQ2 was 69,000
EQ3 was 87,765
EQ4 was 95,506

So as you can see, the first week sales has been constantly rising.
Yet with this game, it seems to have lowered...?
...But wait, don't forget one thing. That the DL version exists.
Let's say EQ Untold's sales is 4Gamer + another 10% (for DL), then the result would be 97,105, actually surpassing EQ4. And don't forget this game is technically a remake.
So overall, I think this result is good. And stable too.

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