Saturday, February 25, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (9/25/13) (and a bit of Monster Hunter 4 Talk First)

Why so late on this article today?
I was playing Monster Hunter 4 online for the first time.
And DAMN! It was fun. I entered a good room too. Yeah, a couple of people too quiet and a couple that left really quickly without a word, but in general, we had a good time. Mainly chose quests to help each other increase our Hunter Ranks and I was even able to rise to HR3 after defeating the Goa Magara.
And boy was that a challenge. None of us had a hard time with HR2's Spider, but Magara sure was a challenge. One player died twice, but we managed to make it out alive. Got to use my big Bomb on a sleeping Magara too! But it was getting too late, so I had to leave the room.

Week after MH4. Got a bit more quieter, as expected. Not a bad thing though.

-Monster Hunter 4 remains at the top with 400,000+, easily passing the 2 million mark.
More or less on the same level as the best selling MHP3rd.
I hear that there is a fairly severe shortage of MH4 in stores and I recall hearing re-shipments around the 21st? So perhaps next week will actually see a boost?

-Putting aside the otaku games (as far as anime goes, never watched OreMachigai and don't care), three 3DS games came out, all with fairly small audiences.

Nobunaga no Yabou (3DS)'s first week is 7587. The previous game Nobunaga no Yabou DS 2 was 8808. A tad bit less, but I guess around the same level.

The Three Kingdoms game gets 4250. The DS version was 6252. A bit bigger drop than Nobunaga no Yabou.

As for Mushibugyou......... Well, it is not like the anime is that popular either. I only know about the fanservice and that silver-haired girl.

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