Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (8/28/13)

Completed Etrian Odyssey 2, so I will make a short post about that soon.
Anyways, lots of info coming around today, and as you may already know, Nintendo announced the 2DS! .......?!
Yeah, pretty surprised. The removal of the hinges and 3D lowers the price, increases the sturdiness, and is more suited for kids. However (and because I am not that young anymore), I can't really find it attractive. The name is fun, but I can also see it bring confusion to the non-gamer audience.

Anyways, putting that aside, the weekly sales after Bon Festival:
A lot to write about this week, and a new game announced I will briefly touch on.

-The usual after a holiday, but every system sees a fair drop.

-Game-wise, quite a few new games this week.
-Super Robot Masou Kishin III sells 39,255 for the PS3 and 18,929 for Vita.
Tops the list, but it seems that Masou Kishin II sold 81,896 in its first week.
A fair drop from the last game and I am hearing lots of complaints about it. Foggy weather ahead for this game's sales?

-Conception 2. Selling only around 50,000 the first game on the PSP, the staff decided to make a 2nd game, and Multi of Vita and 3DS! Just what were they thinking?
Anyways, despite seemingly shipping around 90,000, Vita gets 18,878 while 3DS gets 5,072. Less than half the original game. It seems the previous game wasn't that good either, which probably caused this result. It seems the evaluation of this game isn't that great either.
Me? The name of the game is enough to run the other way.

Speaking of games with a whole bunch of girls, a new game was announced for the 3DS.
I have this bias against games with only girls or practically only girls. Because the staff always put too much effort or trust in the girls, hoping artworks of cute girls will attract customers. Yet because of that misguided idea, they forget to focus on the game ITSELF. Resulting in a bad game.
That said, I do have an ounce of interest, so I will put a bit of notice towards this game. It is a Dungeon RPG (which means what?) and the setting involves a place where all of the guys disappeared (what?).

-Dungeons and Dragon for the PS3. No comment. (Don't know anything about it)

-The Wonderful 101 sells 5,258. While I did feel that the character designs and atmosphere was not targeting the Japanese audience, I still expected it to sell a bit more. An unfortunate result, though there is a DL version? So the first week result is a bit better.
It looks interesting to me, but well, I don't have a WiiU yet and am waiting for Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon.

-It doesn't look so since the PS games are on the top this week, but the list is still 16/20 blue.

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