Sunday, February 12, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (6/26/13)

It's been a while since there was something eventful in the weekly sales.

-Well, hardware-wise, everything is still fairly low. 3DS family is on the lower stable side?
Anyways, I guess most noticeable thing is the PS3 dropping to 4 digits.

-Yet the top software on the list is SCE's The Last of Us, doing fairly well? To be honest, SCE doesn't release enough games to compare within the company.
A new PS3 game on the top of the list but no increase in PS3 sales kind of shows that the people that wanted the PS3 pretty much all got one.

-Despite generally low hardware sales, Vita sees a slight increase thanks to Neptune.
Yeah, that type of game.
The two new PSP games are, yeah, those type of games. Though it seems one of them is for females,  not males.

-On the 3DS side, there is Kuma Tomo and Sayonara. I here Kuma Tomo looks like a kid's game, but is actually kind of for the mature audience. I myself have not payed attention to it, so I don't really know what that means.
As for Sayonara, a past work:
海腹川背・旬~セカンドエディション~完全版's first week was 6161 and total 9625.
So I guess the result for this game is in the expected area.

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