Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (7/10/13)

Kind of the aftermatch week. The previous week had a lot of games, but this week sees them settling down.
Next week is finally a major game for the WiiU. Although I say major, it is not like Pikmin is a great millions seller like Mario or Pokemon though. Just that there is some notice and hype.

-The new games last week allowed the ranking to be, for once, filled with PS systems, but weak in maintaining weekly sales, most of them have fallen off this week and the ranking returns to the usual blue.

-However, a new game did come out and take first place. It happens to be a multi and allowed the XBOX360 a rare appearance in the list.
-Also in the top 10 is the new game Toriko for the 3DS. No interesting, never watched the anime.

-Toukiden's 2nd week. Vita's sees a huge drop while PSP's remains steady. Not sure what to make of this. I guess the PSP is still stealing sales from the Vita, as the Vita starts dropping again, sales-wise.

-Etrian Odyssey Untold passes the 100,000 mark. One more week to catch up with the previous game?

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