Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (9/6/12)

I finally realized the problem, that was preventing me from using Blogger.
................What a stupid thing... But at least I realized it, so now I have no problem using this.

Anyways, a refresh post of sorts, but the game sales of the week a day late!

Points of this week:
-Rare moment when Vita game takes top!
-Super Mario Bros 2 reaches the million checkpoint!
-Senran Kagura Burst sells even more in the first week than first game, is 3rd on the list, and is doing very well against its fellow 3DS game released on the same day, Devil Summoner!
-Brain Age still sticking in there, very stable
-Vita for the first time beats 3DS or 3DSLL, but however, not the 3DS family

Vita 50,070
3DSLL 44,951
3DS 29,342
PS3 12,433
PSP 10,266
Wii 8,680
PS2 1,098
Xbox 360 875
DSi LL 803
DSi 685

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