Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (11/14/12)

Random: Spent the night (2 hours?) trying to conquer the Vampire Castle in Bravely Default. Gamed Over 4 times or so whenever Magnus Bat x 4 + Attack First appeared...

Anyways, this week!
Very exciting!
All you've been waiting for!
Animal Crossing's week!
Plenty of comparing below (and a pic):
Starting with the more normal news:
-Stable Bravely Default, next week will pass the 250,000 line?
A small comparison, but:
Resident Evil Revelations  146,559→43,575→26,106→15,666→12,210(244,116)
Kid Icarus                 132,526→47,179→25,710→15,228→10,915(231,558)
Bravely Default       141,529→41,430→31,001→20,454→14,847(249,260) 
-Stable Mario as well
-Tales being Tales of recent years. Huge drop (1/10th) in sales after first week. We knew it was coming.

And then!
-Animal Crossing, first week is 600000+! Obviously the number 1 this week.
The previous Animal Crossing, for the DS, first week sale was 325,466, so an improvement (almost double)!
-And along with Animal Cross, a MASSIVE boost to the 3DS family, with a whopping total 187077 3DS sold this one week.
-And in the meantime, the Vita reaches a new low of 4021, actually lower than the lowest the 3DS went right before the price drop, which was 4132. Sale ratio is 46.5:1, 3DS:Vita.
-3DSLL reaches 1 million, at this rate, it will surpass Vita next week...?!

Current "Game Army" pic, updated:

3DSLL 134,652
3DS 52,425
PS3 18,043
PSP 12,076
Vita 4,021
Wii 2,921
Xbox 360 2,908
PS2 1,187
DSi LL 244
DSi 180

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