Monday, January 16, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (12/12/12)

NOTE: Holiday break!

WiiU's release week in Japan! So how did it go?
Don't forget we are reaching the holiday season! Beware of sale boosts!
Long text below...

-Holiday boost!

--3DS family goes past 200,000
--Vita in the 5 digits
--Mario Kart 7, TOUSOUCHU, Pokemon BW2, Wagamama Fashion, Tatsujin all sees a boost, some nostalgic faces reemerging in the top 20 list

-3DS surpasses total PS3 hardware sales

-WiiU release in Japan!
--As a result, it seems the Wii sales have also increased. Bought by mistake? Or just because of the holiday season + cheaper than WiiU?
--First week was 300,000+. Actually a bit less than Vita. But to compare with that, we need to wait for the 2nd week. As people know, the 1st week only rarely means anything.
--Marios, Nintendo Land, Monster Hunter all at the top area, ZombieU in the top 20. Can't really say much about this result though, especially ZombieU, which doesn't seem to be the type that sells well in Japan

--Ryuu no Gotoku 5 at the very top.
First Week:
PS3 Ryuu no Gotoku 3          356,867
PS3 Ryuu no Gotoku 4          395,123
PS3 Ryuu no Gotoku OTE        307,592
PS3 Ryuu no Gotoku 5          363,717

Very stable results!

-Misc., but 4Gamer's graph has finally stopped looking like Pac-man...
Because it is starting to close up.
And IN THE MEANTIME, Famitsu's graph... is not shown because there is a problem apparently.
Now a graph can be easily made through Microsoft Office and other programs. But apparently they can't.
Hmm, I wonder if they can't because there is a technical problem or perhaps...

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