Monday, January 30, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (3/20/13)

The aftermath(?) of the exciting last week!

And the Vita drops by over 40%. I wonder if it will continue to drop back to the 10,000s...

Three new games at the top three of the list!
And to think it is SAO!
...Not that I watched that anime. After something as disappointing as Accel World, I couldn't stand watching another anime from that author.

Super Robot Taisen UX at 115,000+
It seems the previous games were in the same area, give or take 10,000+.
I guess it is not a bad or good result in particular.

Thankfully, Soul Sacrifice stays near the top as Senran Kagura drops to the way bottom. It would be too embarrassing otherwise.

As recently, nothing much on the Nintendo side to talk about, not much happening, not much coming out. As a result, sales for the Nintendo systems are the usual.

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