Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (12/19/12)

Currently working on the Culdcept Dictionary, but I decided that there isn't any point in updating it, so I plan on finishing it before posting it again!

Not really an exciting week of events, but there is the 2nd week of WiiU.
Also, as we get closer to Christmas...

Christmas Boost!
-Wii reaches 5 digits
-Vita stays in 5 digits
-3DS family above 300,000 (Partially? Mainly? because of Inazuma Eleven)

WiiU's second week sells above Wii, but in generally, normal digits, not bad or good. They say there is not enough stock, so we hope Nintendo does something about that soon.

1st week to 2nd week, it seems.

-Inazuma Eleven at the top with 160,000+
-Animal Crossing almost at 1.5 million
-Paper Mario and Mario U above 200,000
-Good following week for Ryuu no Gotoku
-Pokemon Dungeon past a quarter million
-Girls Mode above 200,000, slowly growing from the shadows
-And slowly growing, never waning, TOUSOUCHUU almost at 300,000

Looks more like a Pac-man than last week at least! (It almost closed its mouth after all...)

3DS LL 206,973
Wii U 126,916
3DS 112,052
PS3 42,976
PSP 33,002
Vita 14,446
Wii 10,346
Xbox 360 1,760
PS2 1,102
DSi 320
DSi LL 221

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