Monday, January 9, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (10/10/12)
Points of the Week:
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 -Top 5 are all new games AND rather rare, but not Nintendo systems!
-Vita reaches a million, though sales continue to decrease
-Resident Evil 6 boosts XBOX360 over Wii
-Resident Evil 6 boosts PS3 over 3DS LL
-Girls Mode already reaches 6 digit mark
-As always, Tousouchuu
-Brain Age and Art Classroom stable as ever (Taiko too?)

Next week will have the highly-anticipated Bravery Default and Project Cross Zone!

PS3 42,218
3DSLL 39,046
3DS 24,623
PSP 17,769
Vita 7,957
Xbox 360 4,894
Wii 4,849
PS2 894
DSi LL 344
DSi 330

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