Saturday, January 21, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (1/16/13)
Not that exciting of a week, but a couple of surprises?
Me myself have been busy, unfortunately...

-Animal Crossing still in the lead
-TOUSOUCHUU's sudden jump! I here there was some special airing of the original work or something like that in Japan...

-3DS doing as fine as ever. As we leave the holidays, the sales have been dropping back to normal
-Vita still in 5 digits
-However, the WiiU is dropping fast! A lack of games is clearly the reason, so it is up to Nintendo to fix this.

3DS LL 56,377
3DS 36,284
PS3 22,991
Wii U 20,715
PSP 17,069
Vita 11,088
Wii 1,873
Xbox 360 921

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