Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (10/17/12)

*long with a few comparions*

 Points of the Week:
-Vita continues to drop
-PS3 sees a small boost from new model (too small a boost?)
-Fair increase for 3DS from new games
-Tousouchu continues to hunt down Vita's popular(?) games

-BandaiNamco's galge for PS3 Tokitawa's sales aren't that nice, but it seems good for a galge? Not that I know.
Ciel no Surge 33,324
Tokitowa 32,215
In a way, a stable PS world?

-A rather hyped Project Cross Zone nets third place with 85,539. A bit low for the hype?
PS2's Namco vs. Capcon         2005/05/26 First Week - 85427 Total - 131615
DS    Mugen no Frontier EXCEED 2010/02/25 First Week - 78773 Total - 100089
3DS  PROJECT X ZONE       2012/10/11 First Week - 93756
Actually a fitting result?

-Bravery Default seems to be considered one of the few (only?) recent games by Square Enix that was made properly. The result was 141,529, by 4Gamer.
DS Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light 2009/10/29 First Week - 119634 Total - 200364
3DS  Bravery Default                      2012/10/11 First Week - 144909
A pretty good result for a new series?

The question is how much more will it sell in following weeks? As games on Nintendo systems tend to slowly sell in the shadows after a not necessarily incredible first week or otherwise.

3DSLL 52,079
3DS 27,221
PS3 26,312
PSP 15,585
Vita 6,134
Wii 4,476
Xbox 360 2,400
PS2 911
DSi 282
DSi LL 255

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