Friday, January 27, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (2/27/13)

Still nothing exciting... Meh... The next big thing is Monster Hunter 4, I guess.
And maybe Senran Kagura for the Vita? Though I don't understand the hype. It's not even a popular series, nor great sales-wise. But I'll bet it beats the 3DS versions in sales for the first week, estimating based off the audience.

-I guess the biggest thing this week is WiiU dropping to 4 digits, but it is only around 1000 less than last week, so it isn't surprising. After all, like I said, the WiiU sales can only drop until the games start coming out. And I mean games with a brand name, not no-name games like Tank! Tank! Tank!, which I would prefer playing Advance Wars for the GC and Wii. So a steady drop, no surprise.

-Vita sees a strange increase. I assume there are some stores that already lowered their prices, because I don't see any other reason it would increase BEFORE the official price drop...?

-Metal Gear at the top, don't really care, didn't even know about the existance
-Magi and Toaru Majutsu are new games on the top 10 as well, both by BandaiNamco, oh how they seem to milk these anime-type games
-And still a whole lot of blue

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