Saturday, January 28, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (3/6/13)

Finally an exciting week! Vita's official price drop! And lots of new games!

-Vita's price drop + Fantasy Star + Senran Kagura
-As far as the Vita goes, a well done 60,000+...
-However, fails at surpassing the 3DS family. Considering the upcoming Pokemon game, this probably was the last chance...
-However, as a rare event, two games rank in for the Vita!

-Nothing new for the 3DS
-PS: The 3DS's sales for the week after price drop was over 190,000

-WiiU returns to 5 digits on 4Gamer and remains in 4 digits on Famitsu
-In other words, not much change here either. No drop, but no growth.

-Lots of new games!
-At the top is Musou 7, which has caused an internet buzz over how many bugs and glitches that exist (The producer? has already made an apology)
-Next is Layton!
-And third is Senran Kagura! As I predicted, it surpassed the 3DS's version's sales. It's all about the audience... Though to be honest, I'm not sure if that is a compliment, eh?

-On Famitsu, Animal Crossing reaches 3 million!

-Oh, here is Famitsu's link:

And since it has been a while, the uploaded 3DS army vs Vita army pic from 2ch:

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