Thursday, January 12, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (11/7/12)

Random Note: Bought the DL version of Bravely Default, playing right now. Fun so far.
A rather boring week, though next week should have Animal Crossing?!

Points of the Week:
-As expected of Tales and its worshipers, first place on the list, though a good amount less than the first game
-New games keep PS3 high
-3DS sees boost, probably from Animal Crossing
-Stable Bravely Default, the disappearance of Project X Zone

3DSLL 63,993
3DS 29,996
PS3 21,310
PSP 13,868
Vita 4,842
Wii 3,806
PS2 1,351
Xbox 360 1,339
DSi LL 341
DSi 227

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