Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (12/26/12)

Note: Phew, been busy with vacation with my family recently... Thanks to the wonderfully unstable hotel internet, my Culdcept manner rank dropped to the lowest "lightning" though! (I played many games to get it back to the middle "cloudy" though so far...)

This week is the Christmas week!? Results are...
It can be summed up in a couple of words, actually.

-Animal Crossing

Wow, just wow. 3DS above 400,000, Animal Crossing dishes out 350,000+ rising all the way back to 1st on the list despite not being the first week. At this rate, it will pass 2 million next week.

Actually not much to say about most stuff. Holidays bring a boost and all games see a good week, with nostalgic faces and a couple of new ones.
-Tousouchuu passes 300,000 mark, Paper Mario and Super Mario (WiiU) as well

-Vita reaches 20,000+ thanks to holidays and AKB
-...Though PSP still sells way more, bad news for Vita

-WiiU had a good week as well it seems, doing better than the Wii.
Wii's third week was 101,956.
WiiU's is 122,843.

3DS LL 251,949
3DS 159,323
Wii U 122,843
PSP 65,859
PS3 47,626
Vita 21,266
Wii 13,049
Xbox 360 1,689
PS2 928
DSi 454
DSi LL 291

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