Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (2/6/13)

Bo~ring week...

 -Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS continues to near 2 million
-Animal Crossing still powerful at first
-Playstation Smash Bros for Vita provides a very lacking 1st week.
PS3's version is 7th, with 11,758
Vita's does not appear on 4Gamer, but it does show up on Famitsu with 5,210
BTW: Super Smash Bros' first weeks were:
1st: 183,097
Melee:  357,101
Brawl: 816,000
-On Famitsu, a new WiiU game appeared at 16th, with 6,241, Hokutou Musou (Port?)
Not like anyone would bother buying a port...

-Vita still at 4 digits, despite new games
-WiiU still dropping, though the drop is smaller than last week


  1. I saw the last week a video in my 3DS where Iwata talked about the 16th anniversary of Famitsu and the special games that could be acquired. Because of that, you should buy WiiU, Serenade; and the videochat function like Skype where you can see the other person in the GamePad... Not bad.

    1. Ah yes, I saw that. It was from the Nintendo Direct for the WiiU a week or so back, where they revealed stuff like Monolith's new game and E3 info.
      It is exciting, but I need to wait. I don't have that much money myself, so for now, I'm playing whenever I go over to a friend's room. He has a WiiU and I have tried it (played some games at Nintendo Land). The GamePad x TV idea is very interesting.
      I have Skype on my laptop, which is enough, honestly.

    2. The "GamePad x Tv" style have already copied by Sony as always. It's just that PS Vita and the PS3 are connected and PS Vita takes the function of a controller.
      Well, you have to admit it's very innovate. If you're happy with Skype, this shouldn't affect you. Anyway, do yow want to chat with Skype?

    3. Sorry, but I only use Skype for family matters. I don't feel comfortable talking personally to other people I don't really know, my usual unsociable self.

    4. Oh, I was referring to chat, not to talk. Nobody feels comfortable talking to strangers. I'd say you to use Messenger, but it has died.
      Nevertheless, if you don't want even then, it doesn't matter.

    5. Sorry, I misunderstood.
      Chatting wouldn't be much of a problem, though I am busy these days with school, so it might be hard setting up a long period of time.

  2. Well, you and all the students, but we could coincide one day; so what's your Skype?

    1. True.

      My Skype name is "serenade_beta"

    2. Ok, the friend request has already been sent.