Sunday, January 8, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (10/3/12)
Points of the Week:
-3DS family sees a boost from new color and Girls Mode.
-Vita sees boost from 4 digits with Ys
-All game systems on the top 20 list?! Rare appearance for Vita and XBOX360
-A good result for Gundam?
-Ys' first week sells seem to match previous sells, so that means a pretty stable number of fans still exist and bought the game
-Plenty of new games on the list, a few old ones like Kobito disappearing
-PS3 reaches 4 digits (or was it already so low last week?)

*The original Girls Mode's first week was 86,446

3DSLL 55,353
3DS 24,822
PSP 23,061
Vita 14,469
PS3 8,935
Wii 5,421
PS2 1,103
Xbox 360 742
DSi 429
DSi LL 365

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