Sunday, January 29, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (3/13/13)

Another action-packed week!

-The most exciting news is that the Vita FINALLY beat 3DS in weekly sales. Of course, it doesn't come close to catching up with the 3DS, but it goes to show that if proper games come out on the Vita, the Vita will sell a little more normally.
Anyways, "Congratulations..." "Congratulations..." "Congratulations"... *insert rest of Eva scene*

-Sales-wise, there are a lot more Playstation in the list. PS3 at the top followed by Vita and then followed by PSP.
But on a calmer view, it isn't actually all that great? Soul Sacrifice, the hyped-up replacement for Monster Hunter sold around the same amount as Senran Kagura. PSW-Monster Hunter=Fanservice game?
On top of that, despite over a year since the previous Tales game on the Vita, the sales of Hearts remake is practically the SAME as Innocence. That's actually quite surprising.
Senran Kagura's drop is normal.

And as you can see, not much new for the 3DS, which is one reason it dropped enough for the Vita to beat it in weekly sales.

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  1. Tch, I thought Soul Sacrifice was going to have some new stuff, but it's the same as always. Goob job, MAQL, good job *clap* *clap*.
    It's incredible the fame of Senran Kagura..., ah, no, fanservice everywhere... I'm one of those who think the abuse of the "flesh" wreck the game totally.