Saturday, January 14, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (11/28/12)

Note: Trying to finish up Senran Kagura Burst now (finally)

This week!
Two weeks have passed, but...

-Animal Crossing still strong at 1st, now passing the million mark on 4Gamer's list
-Still boosted by Animal Crossing, 3DSLL remains in the 6 digits, 3DS stays over 50000
-Vita's new color boost ends, dropping it back down to 4 digits
-PS3 sees a boost from a new color? Don't recall this news though.
-XBOX360 on the list!
-EX Troopers - 3DS version over PS3 version, but both aren't exactly that good numbers? I have a good feeling the decision to market on multiple platforms, one a handheld and one a home system, backfired
-Pokemon Dungeon's results aren't too good? 121480. It seems the previous Darkness + Time's first week was around 600000 and the minor change version was around 140000. Perhaps Chun Soft is in danger now?
-Bravely Default still on the list, but now above it is... TOOUUUUSOUUUCHUUUU!!!!
Seriously amazing.

3DSLL 101,667
3DS 60,410
PS3 34,167
PSP 16,903
Vita 9,712
Wii 3,590
Xbox 360 1,495
PS2 747
DSi LL 241
DSi 211

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