Sunday, January 22, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (1/23/13)

Note: Ah... Busy with real life...
I didn't post a pic because I bought it used, but I recently bought Age of Kings for the DS! I used to own one, but I didn't like how the gameplay was completely different so I sold it. But now that I am a bit older, I thought that maybe I should give the game a second chance and enjoy it for what it was, separate from the main series. So I bought it for less than $10, good deal.

Anyways, this week!
...Wasn't really that exciting either. To be honest, the most exciting thing today was Nintendo Direct, with Monolith's new game! FE x Megami is.......... I don't know anything, so can't really give an impression.

-New this week on the top are Devil May Cry and Digimon! But not too great? Especially after the ex-first place, Animal Crossing, which is still in 2nd
-TOUSOUCHUU ONE WEEK from 400,000+!

-Vita returns to 4 digits
-With no new game release, WiiU also continues to drop. I hope this week's announcements will boost the sales, but until the actual release, it shouldn't matter much

3DS LL 51,015
3DS 30,840
PS3 19,697
Wii U 16,654
PSP 15,343
Vita 9,036
Wii 2,199
Xbox 360 706


  1. FE x Megami, Monolith's new game, Bayonetta II, Zelda U, the fouth Super Smash Bros and —I hope— No More Heroes 3 will increase more the sales of Wii U. It's just a matter of time. Nintendo betted on Wii U and won, therefore, Sony and Microsoft are working quickly to equalize them. In my opinion, PSVita is going from bad to worse —just see the poor sales—, because I saw it has a few failures. I'm very disappointed with Sony for that.
    Do you have the Wii U, Serenade?

    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      Unfortunately, I do not have a Wii U yet. I do plan to buy it eventually, but right now, there aren't any "must-buy" games and I am satisfied with the games I am currently playing on the 3DS, so I haven't bought one yet.
      Once Monolith's new game comes out in America (oh it better), I'll definitely buy that. Also, Super Smash Bros.