Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (10/24/12)

Upcoming (eventually): Writing code to create a Culdcept card dictionary of sorts. Culdcept Central exists, but to be honest, not only does it not have everything, it's not the easiest to compare the same cards from different games and such. It'll take a while, because there are so many cards to sort out.

Anyways, this week! 
Comparison of Shiren and such, to save space:

Points of the Week:
-Two new Vita games at 7th and 8th! But Vita sales are still in 4 digits.
-3DS drops back to usual zone
-Huge drop for Tokitowa
-Ominous(?) results for Danball Senki, as PSP's sales are greatly larger than Vita's. As always, it feels like Vita and PSP are tripping each other up...
-Stable results for Bravery Default
-Project Cross Zone a little bit weak?
-I say it every time, but as always, Tousouchu is incredible...

-Weak Shiren sales, it seems. Comparison (first number is first week, second is total):
2008/11/13 ShirenDS2  DS.    45327 103299
2008/06/05 Shiren3    Wii.    59283 107718
2010/01/28 Shiren3P   PSP .  10227.  28086
2010/02/02 Shiren4    DS   40703.  96002
2010/12/09 Shiren5    DS   25192.  65137
2012/10/18 Shiren4p.   PSP.   636

3DSLL 37,785
3DS 22,447
PS3 21,354
PSP 15,575
Vita 6,791
Wii 4,035
Xbox 360 2,150
PS2 1,081
DSi 290
DSi LL 239

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