Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (2/13/13)

The release of Dragon Quest 7 (Remake) for the 3DS! (Not that I bought it, even though I am using a "!" mark)

-As expected of Dragon Quest, but a great 800,000+ for the first week, despite being a remake (though an old one)
-And following Dragon Quest, 3DS family's sale rockets to 120,000+!
-And it's been a while, but Animal Crossing finally drops from 1st!
-TOUSOUCHU at top 10, Mario Kart 7 making a surprise visit as well

-On the Vita side, Demon Gaze is on the list, about a week or two from 50,000
-Monster MonPiece also on the list.
-Rather rare for two Vita games to last this long?
-.......Yet Sony's Super Smash Bros has disappeared already...

-WiiU still in 5 digits. It seems it is hanging on at that area, just like the Vita did. Though unlike the Vita, the WiiU's stubbornness can actually be explained, through Nintendo Land and Mario, which remain on the top 20 list

-There really isn't much point in copy-pasting the actual system sells here, since I always provide the link, so I'll stop doing that this week and focus on pointing out stuff about each week's sales.

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  1. Honestly, Demon Gaze is the only PS Vita game that's worth playing. I think I will buy it on JP Amazon.