Friday, January 13, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (10/31/12)

Random Note: Trying out Werewolf and Ouroborus Books in Culdcept and plan to right on them soon, but still trying to figure out the best cards to go with them... To be honest, it's hard to win.

*EDIT: Added comparison of Street Fighter's PS3 and Vita version
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Not so eventful of a week? At least for the Nintendo family.
-Idolmaster with its ever-so-loyal piggy banks dishes out a good first week
-Similar growths to last week for Project Cross Zone and Bravely Default
-Tousouchuu, Tousouchuu, Tousouchuu
-Along with that, Vita's sales drop to the 5000 area
-PSP and PS3 sees a growth because of the new games (1, 2, 3, 5 on list)

-Vita's Street Fighter has a very pitiful first week, though I didn't expect it to really get good results, considering Capcom themselves said it was better to play fighting games on a home console AT Sony's conference
Street Fighter X Tekken PS3 First Week: 54,559
Street Fighter X Tekken Vita First Week: 4813

3DSLL 38,089
3DS 23,453
PS3 20,364
PSP 14,541
Vita 5,806
Wii 3,744
Xbox 360 1,931
PS2 1,006
DSi 227
DSi LL 214

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