Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Sales of the Week (12/05/12)

Note: Highest record for Lung 's stats in a Culdcept match (against humans) is 180/180.
Now that is a stat worthy of being called the "Godly Dragon (JP name:Shinryu)!
Not an exciting week in sales though.

-Vita rises to 5 digits thanks to Fate and Totori
-3DS sees a slight rise thanks to Layton vs. Gyakuten

-Fate's loyal fanbase, a remake of what time? still getting 30000+
-However, Bravely Default finally disappears from the top 20
-Layton vs. Gyakuten's first week is 128,856... Mm... Can't really say if this is good or bad...

3DSLL 106,757
3DS 60,651
PS3 29,809
PSP 15,941
Vita 11,066
Wii 5,550
Xbox 360 1,217
PS2 812
DSi LL 248
DSi 209

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